The Burren is located a 35 minute drive east of the Cliffs of Moher and is as beautiful as it is barren.

The Burrens landscape is unique in Ireland and renowned for its rugged beauty yet dispite what appears to be at first sight 3707 acres of terrain that has more in common with a desert , it has a long  rich history and has been inhabited and fought over many times hence the remains of so many ringforts in the area , Cahercommaun and Caherconnell being the best surviving examples .


The Burren County Clare

It is not just the remains of ringforts you will find here but also dozens of Megalitic Tombs the highest concentration of these structures in Ireland  and of course the amazing Poulnabrone Portal Dolmen , these tombs date back over 5000 years .

The Burren has a vast array of plant life many of which are found nowhere else in ireland , some people find this unusual given the rocky topography but is actually this that helps so many differnent species to grow here .The limestone that domainates the area acts as an oven , it aborbs heat in the summer months and releases it in the the colder months meaning that The Burren has a longer growing season than the rest of Ireland . The fact that their is so little trees or shelter means that the plants are exposed to more sunlight than they would be if they were growing further inland which also helps the local flora to thrive .

The Burren County Clare