Cha Ching Tourism worth over €7.3 billion to economy.

Its been a massive year for tourism in Ireland , we already knew it was going to be a record breaker for the amount of tourists visiting the country , but now the final tally has come in at 8.6 million . Now the number crunchers have confirmed how much the tourist industry was worth to Ireland in 2015 , and its come in at an eye watering €7.3 billion  , the best year ever .

 The bulk of the €7.3 billion  generated  was from  visitors outside the Republic of ireland , while domestic tourism generated the remaining €1.6 billion  . It has also being confirmed that the tourism industry is responsible for 224,000 jobs in Ireland and will create an additional 6,500 in 2016 . Tourism is responsible for creating almost 50,000 jobs in Ireland since 2011, an amazing achivement . The Cliffs of Moher, The Guiness Storehouse and the Dublin Zoo are expected to be named as the top tourist destinations for 2015 once again with well over 1 million tourist’s each .