The Cliffs of Moher visitor center (which this site is in no way affiliated with) is an impressive Eco-friendly visitor center that operates using environmental best practice , with a state of the art exhibition. Housed at the center of an underground building a huge domed cave contains images , exhibits , displays and experiences that will delight young and old alike. The main exhibition dome is split in 4 areas exploring the different elements of the Cliffs of Moher , Ocean , Rock , Nature , Man .Each of the elements are explored in detail and will give you a comprehensive  history of the Cliffs of Moher.

The cliffs of moher visitor center

The Cliffs of Moher visitor center use fun games interactive exhibits and immersive short movies to entertain trill and education younger visitors. Make sure to email your friends a Postcard From The Edge it allows you to pick a background of the cliffs and make a short movie that can be sent to everyone back home. The cliffs exhibition is a self guided tour that takes between 25 and 45 minutes, it is a state of the art exhibition center that should not be missed it will enhance your visit to the Cliffs.

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